Deepfake is an AI-based technology used to easily alter or produce video to make it show something that didn't happen.

Deepfake has huge implications for news, politics, and truth.

How do we prepare ourselves?

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DFBlue provides publications, tools and services for the ethical use, detection and awareness of deepfakes and digital forgery.


Deepfake Research

DFBlue and Harvard University

DFBlue Partners with Harvard University on Political Deepfakes Research

How we do it

Using state of the art computer vision and AI techniques, DFBlue creates deepfake videos by training a computer to “learn” how to transform the face of an actor to another face — for example a politician such as Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. This computationally expensive process is carried out on GPUs running in the cloud with data sourced from multiple locations such as publicly available interviews and photographs.We always clearly watermark and caption our videos as deepfakes, and never make deepfakes to mislead or falsify true events.

The first-ever deepfake event

Deepfake — Fake News or Powerful Tool? — New York City

Deepfake Gallery


Speaking Engagements

Sid and Rashi are speakers on the art of creating ethical deepfakes using state of the art computer vision and AI techniques.
They hosted the first-ever deepfake event, "Deepfake — Fake news or Powerful Tool" in New York.
DFBlue was invited to be a speaker at the French Consulate in NYC for a conference on Fake news, deepfakes and foreign interference.

Speaking engagement requests:


Los Angeles, CA

San Jose, CA

New York City, NY

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Let us know what you're looking for and we'll get back to you on how we can help you.Remember, we only create ethical deepfakes.
If deepfakes are used for a commercial purpose, consent of both parties in the video needs to be obtained.

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Every month we feature top deepfakes and share updates on latest deepfake technology.
If you have made a deepfake and you think we should feature it, share it with us and we would be happy to consider it for our next month's review. We publish them between 28-30th each month, be sure to submit it before these dates.
Happy ethical deepfaking!

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